A Holiday in the sun – What to do and see in Bali


Bali, an island and province of Indonesia is a well-known travel destination among tourists for its diversity in culture, arts, and religion. The beautiful beaches surround the island and are part of the Coral Triangle where you can see a large variety of marine species. Not only that, Bali is also known to be the home of many religious sites such as temples and is best known for its yoga and meditation retreats.

A day in Bali would never be boring. With the many things the place has to offer, it is best to know and plan ahead your destination and activities to be able to explore and have fun under the sun in Bali.

  • Enjoy the beach. Learn to surf on the shores of Kuta Beach where you get washed on sand instead of corals, making it a perfect place to for beginners. Bali also offers many surfing schools to choose from. Take a break from surfing and, get the chance to snorkel at the Coral Triangle and feast your eyes marveling the sight of the wild marine life and dive on the beautiful coral reefs.
  • Trek and enjoy the panoramic view of the landscapes. Bali volcano is one of the main attractions on Bali’s central highlands. Trekking and hiking are one of the best pastimes on Mount Batur where hot springs are also known for their cure and health benefits.
  • Explore the wildlife safari and marine parks. The home of more than 60 species roaming freely on their enclosure to replicate their natural habitat, Bali Safari and Marine Park can be toured riding a safari bus to get a close encounter with the animals and observe their ways of living. Animal talent shows are also held for everyone’s enjoyment. You may also experience riding an elephant on the Bali Elephant Safari Park in Ubud. Their Sumatran elephants are well-trained to carry you on their backs during the jungle escapade.
  • Visit religious temples. If looking for a silent retreat, Bali is the best destination for you. Home of Bali’s “Mother bali-mother-temple Temple”, Besakih Temple on the slopes of Mount Aguing that is comprised of at least 86 temples including the main Pura Penataran Aguing (Great Temple of State). Another iconic temple you shouldn’t miss is the Tanah Lot Temple that is just 20kms northwest of Kuta. The Tanah Lot Temple is set offshore where you can hear the crashing waves that are very relaxing. Uluwatu Temple is another one of the most important sea temples that also hold Kecak fire dances during sunsets.
  • Go shopping. Before ending your holiday in Bali, shopping for souvenir items such as silk scarves, handmade woven bags, shirts and other hand-crafted goods in The Ubud Art Market. Bargaining skills would come in handy when to get the best price for your items.
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Whether looking for some fun and adventure or needing a peaceful place to meditate, Bali got it all for you. Have fun under the sun in Bali!



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